For the past few months, I’ve sat around and watched all the people who support President Trump make fun of all those who oppose him, and the term commonly used to discredit their outcries is the term “snowflake”. Well, today, I’m here to tell all of you on the right, or wherever you fall, the Trump supporters, that for eight years while President Obama was in office you were the loudest snowflakes of all. Recently, in the news, a few students chose to leave their own graduation because Vice President Mike Pence was the guest speaker, and anyone who opposes the action of the students is calling the students “snowflakes”, or saying how screwed our country is because of this. Well, I am happy that they are exercising their constitutional rights, as Americans of these United States. Brave men, and brave women, died to ensure those rights would never be taken away, not now, and not ever! The biggest complaint I hear about from everyone on the Trump side, is that the “snowflakes” should shut their mouth, and accept the lose. That being the lose of the White House, and whatever else those on the “Trump” side want to throw in there. Well, I am glad that those on the “Trump” side weren’t around when we decided to NOT keep our mouth shut at the time we were trying to break away from England, and their rule on us, and I am damn happy, that those who felt the need to scream the loudest back then did so with action that led to our freedom from England. It’s funny now that the shoe is on the other foot because for eight years I watched as all those “snowflakes” who opposed President Obama screamed the loudest with anything they could find to try and discredit him. Guess what, none of it worked, and none of it will work now that the Democrats are doing it to President Trump, but the only difference is those who support President Trump control every aspect of our federal government, and they still cant get the deal done. So, all of you Trumpets, why dont you focus your attention on those in power, you know, the ones you put there, and tell them to get off their ass to pass legislation that makes this country better, and not worse. As for me, I voted for President Trump because I enjoyed his message of economic growth, and I couldnt back Clinton who let our soldiers die in Benghazi, but I will not call those on the left who do not support President Trump, or his administration a “snowflake”. For I learned my lesson, and I hope all of you so called “Trumpets” will as well. Good day to anyone who might actually read this far.