Since taking office you’ve broken multiple campaign promises to those of us who voted for you, and to the people of the United States of America to whom you PROMISED you would serve instead of special interest groups. Since taking office, you have rolled back regulations that protect the middle class from the same banking industry that caused the “Great” recession of 2008. Those regulations were put in place to insure nobody could ever be taken advantage of again. You then went on to roll back internet laws that protect our information as citizens. Now our internet providers can sell our internet history to the highest bidder. What’s to stop a terrorist organization from buying that information, and using it to target more people to inspire “lone wolf” style attacks. You made two huge campaign promises during the 2016 Presidential election. Let’s start with one of those two promises you made, and broke in less than four months of being President. President Trump, you promised to the American people that we would no longer be interventionist, and we would not stick our nose where it didn’t belong. That we would only intervene in another countries civil war if it aligned with our interests both monetarily, and because of our direct national security was being threatened. When you struck the Syrian airbase with tomahawk missiles you broke your promise. As atrocious as the chemical attack conducted on the Syrian people were, it had no effect on our country, and was not an attack against us. You stuck your nose in where it didn’t belong, or should I say our “nose”. Because of this attack, Iran and Russia with whom are allied with President Bashir al-Assad have now drawn a line in the sand. Both countries have reported that any “further” military action against President al-Assad will be taken as a sign of war, and they will respond in kind. Thanks to your broken campaign promise we could be facing a war that we can’t afford, and that we don’t have the man power to sustain with our ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other countries around the world. This brings me to my next broken promise; in which you couldn’t get all sides of this recently failed healthcare bill to come together. Many of us voted for you based on your business background and the fact that you “were” and outsider, but we now see you are not the business man you claimed to be. I can’t count (and frankly I don’t have time to) the number of times you told us that you’re this “Great Negotiator”, but now Mr. President, we now see that’s the furthest thing from the truth. These are just a few things you have let us down on Mr. President. While many of your supporters (and I voted for you) taught your rebellion at the “Politically Correct” attitude the Republicans blame President Obama for, I currently condemn you for your betrayal of the people of the United States of America Mr. President. It appears you may have been a wolf in sheep clothing Mr. President, and I hope I’m wrong, but so far, in your first term as President you have sold us down the river. I hope for the sake of this country you start doing right by the people you claimed to work for on inauguration day.