I’ve been asked “would I do it again, would I go back over there?”, and I firmly answered, NO, but the truth is, I would. The reason I answered no, in part, is because I will forever hold every group of men, to the group of men I served with in 2010, “Outlaws”. The men, with whom I walked up and down the tallest peaks of Eastern Afghanistan, as we transitioned down to the badlands they called “The Horn of Panjwayi”. They spoke of us in the shadows as “the soldiers with devil horns on their helmets” because we operated with such aggression, and fiery that even our foes respected us. These are the men to whom I would answer the call with, again. Most of us have moved on from military service, and we mostly all lead very different lives, but one thing is for sure. We will forever be bonded by the deepest of connections that are built by the darkest, and brightest times of our lives. We will forge on, knowing that we stood toe to toe with some of the most evil men that ever lived. We carry the burdens of war as a badge of honor, and we do our best to honor those brothers who didn’t make it home. As the saying goes “Until Valhalla” were we will meet up again, for one last battle.